Lesson 12 – Glazing and Finish
Lesson 12 – Signing – Video

Signing your work

Tutor | Will Kemp
Level | Beginner
Time |2.06min

Step 1. Understanding the finish
A look at how glazing liquid can leave areas of gloss and areas of matte paint. And what to do about it.

Step 2. Signing the canvas (1.19min)

Step 3. A quick tip for photographing your work (1.45)






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  1. Sarah Harvey
    10 years ago

    Will what are you using to sign your painting? Is it a fine tip permanent marker? Thanks Sarah

  2. Gaynor Devereaux
    10 years ago

    Thank you Will for a brilliant course, I have now finished my picture and am pleased with it thanks to your instruction, was going to upload a photo but I cannot see where I could do that so thanks for your video.