Lesson 10 – Introducing a full palette
Lesson 10 – Introducing a full palette – Video

Introducing Cadmium yellow light & Alizarin Crimson

Tutor | Will Kemp
Level | Intermediate
Time | 20.22min

Step 1. Reviewing your work
How a fresh pair of eyes will show you your mistakes

Step 2. Setting out your paints (1.17min)
How to layout your paints for logical mixing, light to dark and warm to cool.

Step 3. Judging colours on the laminate (4.30min)
Having laminated your image you can use it to help test paint colours. This can be very useful when you are first beginning painting.

Step 3. Using glazing liquid
Adding glazing liquid to the paint to help to diffuse edges so you can achieve subtle blends.

Step 4. Adding form to the jug (9.42)
Modelling the big form of the jug.

Step 5. Adjusting the cup (18.39)
Adding warmer hues to the tea.





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  1. Melissa Strand
    12 years ago

    Hi Will, I have made it to this part of my painting. I am really enjoying your lessons. They are exactly what I have been looking for. It’s very exciting! So, now I took a break and with fresh eyes I can see I want to adjust my drawing. My tea cup is a bit distorted in the front. It looks a bit as if you were looking down on it instead of strait on. How do I go back and make adjustments without ruining what I have done so far? Do I apply paint thickly to fix it, or do it in layers? Thank you.

    • Will Kemp
      12 years ago

      Hey Melissa,

      So pleased to hear you are enjoying the course. For repainting areas of a painting i would usually use thicker paint. However, if it isn’t too much of a change a glaze might be all that is needed.
      Don’t worry we’ll get you back on track in no time!


  2. Nancy Fusco
    11 years ago

    Really enjoying these lessons Will, thanks! Phenom tip on laminating the photos and being able to put the color on it to judge where you’re at. As a new painter, that is going to be very helpful, as sometimes I do feel lost when mixing colors and don’t always realize how far off I am until it’s on the canvas.

  3. Ramonita Vega
    10 years ago

    Hi Will, I have this painting almost done. I need to paint the lemon. So far this painting is turning out great! I still have to give it the finishing touch.